At registration we will have the lunch forms for week 1 and week 4.  We hand out week 4 for people starting in the second session.   Campers in Kindergarten will start the lunch process beginning at 11:20AM and staggering every ten minutes with each grade above proceeding.  The last group to be served lunch are the fifth graders at 12:10. Snack time will begin at 12:50PM.  

Throughout the week we offer a variety of lunches from vendors around Oakland.  We also have substitutes that are made daily in the kitchen.  Lunch includes a meal from the vendor of the day or substitute choice, bag of chips and a beverage.   

Chips and beverages can be purchased separately throughout the day.  We offer bottled water, a variety of Gatorade flavors, and Yoo-Hoo.  We also have a variety of chips including Fritos, Doritos Nacho Cheesier, Doritos Cooler Ranch, Lays Potato Chips, etc.
Lunch forms can be downloaded here or you can receive them as they
are handed out Monday afternoons for the following week and must be turned in by Thursday am .