Summer Camp Update

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Oakland Recreation Summer Camp Registration

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Update on Darlington for Open Camp

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Dear Open Camp parents,
Even though there was an article in the Bergen Record on Friday July 16th about Darlington Lake about a skin rash, our camp will still be attending. We can provide alternate activities when we are there . We will be in constant contact with the County of Bergen about the current situation and if it comes to the County shutting down the facility we will make alternate plans for our campers at that time. If you feel that you do not wish to send your child to open camp on Mondays, that will be your decision.

Reminder about Day Camp Second Session Add-ons

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We are nearing the end of our First Session and if you're signed up for First Session only, and you're interested in continuing for the final three weeks you can add-on Second Session for $125.  This price is both sessions ($290) and what you've already paid for at registration ($165).  Certain groups are already closed out to everyone just from the original live registrations alone.  You can stay updated here on the web site or check for daily updates while we are at camp on our Twitter account @orsummercamp.

Any checks for add-ons must be made payable to Sports Association of Oakland.

Closed Groups as of (7/16):
  • First Grade Girls
  • Second Grade Boys
  • Fourth Grade Boys
  • Fourth Grade Girls

Hurricane Harbor/Day Camp

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Today's trip is on!  The Open Camp will be headed to Hurricane Harbor regardless of the weather conditions.  Buses leave at 9AM SHARP. Please arrive at or prior to 8:30AM.

Day Camp will be in VMS for the day, hopefully the campers will make it outside at some point, but that all depends on what Mother Nature wants to bring our way.

Late Registration

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Day Camp's late registration is closed for the summer.  If you are a current camper for first session only, you can still add-on to the second session.  Only group as of right now that cannot be added on to is Fourth Grade Girls.  Please do not ask for availability in that group, the answer will be no.  Add-on's are not guaranteed, only what you registered for originally is guaranteed.  There will be more group closings forth-coming, pay attention to the web site to get the latest information.

Also you can follow us on @orsummercamp for all the latest updates while at camp.

Camp Apparel

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Camp apparel has been ordered and will be handed out to those who ordered items on the first day. From this point going forward we will no longer allow camp apparel to be ordered before camp starts.

Once camp starts, we will have limited quantities available for sale.  T-Shirts and Sling Bags will be $12 each.

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