Day Camp Late Registration & First Session Only Looking to Extend to the Second Session

posted Jun 10, 2009, 7:13 PM by Unknown user
We will be accepting late registration for Day Camp the first Wednesday of camp at the end of the camp day (3:15).  You will only be allowed to register for both session and first session through the first Friday of camp.  You can register for the second session up until the final Friday of the first session. 

You can download the late registration forms here.

Both Sessions and first session prices will be pro-rated for the first three days missed.  A mandatory $15 fee will be assessed as well into the price.  T-shirts will not be available to order unless we have extras on hand at the camp site.

The prices listed below only qualify for families registering late.

Both Sessions:
First child:  $265
Second child:  $265
Third Child:  $125
Fourth Child:  $0
1st Session:  $140
2nd Session:  $175
Mandatory Late Fee:  $15


If you're are already registered for the first session only; you can purchase the final three weeks anytime prior to the final day of the first session as well for just $120 (No additional paperwork needed).  Just visit the office anytime for information.