Eight Registrations Down...One Remains May 8 2010

posted Apr 17, 2010, 1:28 PM by Unknown user
We have gone through 8 live registration sessions between March and April.  Our ninth and final live registration will be on Saturday, May 8, 2010 between 9AM - 1PM (or until the line is gone).  Last year's final registration lines were over three hours long, we are expecting the same this year.  So please be patient, it is a process and we will get to everyone as quick as possible.  We wish you took the opportunity to avoid the lines by coming to the 8 prior registration sessions, but it is what it is and ORSC will do our best to accomodate everyone that shows up on May 8th.  
Please take note that, if you miss the final date that there will be no acceptions for Open Camp.  We will post prior to the last registration what weeks are closed out for Open Camp.

May 8th is the last date for Day Camp before entering the late fee period.  Groups that are closed out will be announced prior to the final registration.  Day Camp registration will freeze from May 8th until July 7th at 3PM.  A $15 dollar late fee plus full registration fees will be assessed at that time.  This allows us time to organize groups, staff, finalize trips, activities and place orders that need to placed and make sure the first two days go as smooth as possible and set the tone for the summer.  It is a very busy time and it'd be an inconvenience for us to accept any more paper during that time period.  So thank you in advance for understanding and being patient with us.

One last note, we are very limited on forms for Open Camp and Day Camp, please print and fill out prior to coming down and please leave your checks blank until we give you total amounts.  Don't forget, you need more than one check to register.  Receipts available upon request.

Hope to see you May 8th!