Late Registration Reminder

posted Jun 30, 2009, 1:31 PM by Unknown user
Tomorrow between 10-2 we will be accepting late registration for Day Camp at a pro-rated rate for the first session and both sessions.  Second session is not affected.

Please download the forms off the web site and have them completed prior to coming to the office for registration.

Please understand that if you have already registered late or will be registering late this week, you're not guaranteed a t-shirt.  The order for shirts was placed over 2 month ago and were based on the numbers that registered on time and only limited extra quantities incase of a possible mistake in skipping over anyone at the time.  So do not add a shirt size or quantity in the blank spot on the fee page.  It is blank for a reason.  If we were to make an order for late registration, it would cost $26 a shirt as price is dictated by quantity, which is way over the price we charge at registration ($10).  It would also take two weeks to receive them.  Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  

Late Registration for First Session and Both sessions ends this Friday!  No exceptions!!  We will not accept anything after 3PM on July 3rd for Session One and Both Sessions.

If you're looking to add the second session to an existing first session only camper, you can do that up until the Friday before the beginning of the second session.  We will not accept anything after 3PM on July 17th for the seccond session.