Help Wanted

Oakland Recreation Summer Camp is looking for Junior Counselors & Counselors.  We are looking for enthusiastic, fun, exciting, athletic high school and college students. 

Junior counselors are for ages 14 & 15 prior to the start of camp.  This is a paid position.  The opportunity gives you the chance to work under a counselor.  They'll provide leadership and show you how to interact with the children and have fun at the same time. Various tasks you will be doing could be from signing in and out children being picked up early or dropped off late.  Getting the equipment for whatever activity your group plans to do or scheduled to do.  Making sure everyone has water or bringing a small group back to the table for water.

Counselors are for ages 16+.  Counselors have more responsibility than a Junior Counselor as you're leading a group of children and making decisons on what activities to do based on what your kids are interested in.

Deadline to apply is February 15th. 

We will be interviewing in March and letting you know by late April or early May. 

A job application can be found on the downloads page.